Inspect Your Bow Before Each Use

Before using your bow it is important to always inspect it (and all other accessories too) for possible damage. Contact your authorized Genesis retailer if you find any damage and need help with adjustments or replacing necessary items. 

Before each bow use, make sure that you:

  • Carefully inspect the condition of the bowstring, cable, and serving material. String and cable loops should be fully seated on the cam posts. 
  • Carefully inspect that the limbs, cam, idler wheel, and riser are in good condition and limb bolts are adjusted equally.
  • Always keep your bowstring and cable waxed, where no serving material is present.
  • Ensure your practice range is set up safely and others know that you’re shooting.

Note: A damaged string or cable will adversely affect the performance of your bow and could result in further damage to other bow components and may inflict serious injury to yourself and those around you.


If all looks good, go ahead and get shooting! But remember, if you see something potentially damaged, make sure you contact your local Genesis retailer before using it.

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