Mini Genesis®


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The Mini Genesis® allows for easier draw and aim without becoming fatigued. Weighing only two lbs, the Mini is built for anyone ready to experience the thrills of archery for the first time. Available in right or left hand draw as a stand-alone bow or as a kit. Kit includes tube quiver, arm guard and 5 XX75 arrows*.

*Please note, kit arrows will be identical but are random colors and may not match bow color.

The Bow They Won't Outgrow

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Axle to Axle
29 1/2"
Brace Height
6 1/8"
Adjustable Draw WeIght
6-12 lbs
Draw Length Range
14-25 inches
Mass Weight
2 lbs

A Unique Cam Design Zero let-off & Universal Draw Length


Make It Your Own

To become a great archer, you have to practice a lot. Putting your own creative efforts into designing a bow is a great way to show your personality and kick-start your archery journey with some gusto! Design a bow that represents YOU with our Bow Builder tool, it’s a lot of fun.


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5 Reviews for “Mini Genesis®

Piece of garbage

I will never buy one of these ever again my step son pull it back and the line Pop off the cam grear the bottom one could have got hurt really bad

Quality product, highly recommend!

High quality product. Great for our two 7 year olds and our 9 year old. The universal draw length let’s them all share the bow with proper fit and performance. Well made, sturdy, affordable, and accurate. I have as much fun shooting this with them as I do my new hunting bow that cost 10 times more. Great intro to archery for the family! Highly recommend!

Outstanding for youth

As an archery coach in the public school system, I have used Genesis bows for over 13 years. Genesis bows are a high quality product that I strongly recommend.

Great introduction to archery

I bought the Mini Genesis for my 7-year-old granddaughter after she went to summer camp and was introduced to archery and Genesis bows. She and all of her friends love to come visit and shoot the bow. Hitting the target builds confidence and brings smiles to their faces.

Great for small kids

I bought this for my daughter when she was 5 and now she’s 11 and still using the bow. Great product, couldn’t be happier.

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