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Genesis Warranty

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Every Genesis® bow has a non-transferable ONE YEAR WARRANTY to the original owner. Warranty repairs are our top priority. Should you ever require regular maintenance for your bow, check our retail locator map to see if this can be handled at your local archery shop. If the bow needs to be sent to us, we aim to complete the warranty repair in a timely fashion. The bow will be repaired or replaced solely at our discretion. To initiate a warranty claim, please contact us at customerservice@genesisbow.com or 608- 269-0832 to request a return authorization number.

Step 1

Register Your Bow

Step 2

Contact A Retailer

Contact your local retailer to determine if the repair falls under regular maintenance or requires a warranty claim.

Step 3


If your bow needs to be sent to Genesis for a warranty repair, please contact us at customerservice@genesisbow.com or 608-269-0832 to request a return authorization number.

One Year Warranty

Every Genesis® bow is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase to the original owner. Included in this warranty are all bow parts, except: bowstring, power cable, cable slide, arrow rest, cam/idler bearings and cosmetic appearance (chips, dings, scratches) caused by normal use and wear. The bow will be repaired or replaced at solely our discretion. Bows returned to Genesis® without a pre-issued return authorization number will be refused. All return shipments to Genesis® must be pre-paid. We recommend a return method that offers you a tracking number. We are not responsible for return shipments that do not arrive at our facility. ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES, WRITTEN OR IMPLIED, ARE VOID WITH ANY ALTERATIONS TO THE BOW, INCLUDING COSMETIC REFINISHING.


Non Warranty

Returns and repairs will be subject to nominal parts, labor and return standard ground shipment fees. For express return shipment other than standard ground, the customer will be responsible for the difference and must request this in writing or upon issuing of the return authorization number. Any and all warranties, written or implied, are void with any alterations to the original design.


Honesty Is The Best Policy…

Genesis® bows are covered by one or more of the following patents, with other patents pending:
5,368,006; 5,676,234; 5,752,496; 5,791,322; 5,809,982; 5,966,567; 6,446,619.

For a full list of patents, visit our patents site.

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