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Safety & Warnings

Archery is an extremely safe activity when done properly. When compared to typical team sports, sprained ankles and concussions are much less probable.

Maintenance & Repair

Your Genesis Bow is a precision instrument that requires specific tools and expertise. Accordingly, Brennan Industries, Inc. recommends that all maintenance and repair of your Genesis Bow be performed by an authorized retailer. Failure to comply with this warning may cause damage to your bow and may inflict serious injury or even death and may void your warranty. Brennan Industries, Inc. shall not be held liable if this warning is ignored.

NEVER EXPOSE YOUR BOW TO EXTREME HEAT OR PROLONGED MOISTURE. Excessive heat such as that experienced on a sunny day inside a closed vehicle could cause component failure. Prolonged storage in a hot, dry attic or damp basement could also be damaging. Keep your bow clean and dry and store the bow properly when it’s not in use. Damage caused by extreme exposure to heat or the elements will not be covered under warranty and could result in serious injury to yourself and those around you.

Equipment Warnings

NOTICE: While the warnings contained herein relate specifically to the bow and arrow, the majority of bows produced are used in bow hunting situations where other types of equipment and accessories are used. If you are a bow hunter or archer, it is highly recommended that you become knowledgeable of the recommendations and warnings that are associated with all equipment that you use for bow hunting and archery.

Safety First. Bulls-Eye Second.

Before using this equipment, please abide by all of the following safety guidelines and warnings. Consult your qualified retailer with questions. To ensure your personal safety and the safety of those around you, it is necessary that you READ, UNDERSTAND and FOLLOW all warnings and safety precautions prior to using or working on your bow or any archery equipment used with the bow.

Brennan Industries, Inc. shall not be liable for injuries suffered or caused by misuse, unsafe or improper arrow and bow combinations or for injuries sustained when using an altered or modified bow or by un-conventional use.

Never work on, or attempt to shoot your Genesis® bow while on medication that may impair your judgment, physical abilities, or reflexes. Never work on, or attempt to shoot your Genesis bow while under the influence or while consuming drugs or alcohol. Doing so can result in damage to the bow, inflict serious injury or even death to yourself or others.

Owner’s Manual

Always read and follow the instructions and warnings listed here and in the owner’s manual. You can view/download owner’s manuals here: Genesis® Owner’s Manual

Prior To Shooting Your Bow

Before use, always inspect the following for damage: bow string and cable, arrows, nocks, fletching, arrow rest, bow sight, and all other accessories. Any damaged bow parts or accessories should be reported to your authorized retailer for inspection or replacement.

Always be sure that you take the following actions before each use of your bow:

  • Carefully inspect the condition of the bowstring and cable.
  • Carefully inspect the condition of the string serving, nocking point or string loop.
  • Carefully inspect that the limbs, cam, idler wheel, and riser are in proper condition and orientation.
  • Always keep your bow string and cable waxed.
  • Damaged string or cable will adversely affect the performance of your bow and could result in further damage to other bow components and may inflict serious injury to yourself and those around you.

ALWAYS ensure the target area, the path to the target, and beyond are clear before shooting.

Use extreme caution when handling sharp objects or arrows equipped with broadheads around the bow’s string and cable. If a string or cable is cut or frayed it should be replaced immediately. A cut string or cable can result in instantaneous separation and may inflict serious injury to yourself and those around you.

Always follow the inspection recommendations provided by the manufacturer of your arrows. Inspect your arrows and nocks regularly or preferably before each use. Immediately discard any dented, split, splintered or otherwise damaged arrows. Replace cracked, damaged or broken nocks.

Shooting Your Bow

Read all WARNINGS, as well as the entire instruction manual, before attempting to use YOUR bow! The bow is NOT a toy. Adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Use of safety glasses while handling or operating this bow is strongly recommended. Be sure to secure all loose clothing to avoid becoming tangled in the cam mechanism.

Buyer and user have the duty to obey all safety rules and laws covering the ownership and use of these archery products. Handle your archery equipment with care and caution, your bow fires a projectile that can seriously injure or even kill.


Shooting a damaged arrow may cause a dry-fire and inflict serious injury to yourself and those around you.


When initially matching arrows to this bow the selection should be made based on the arrow manufacturer’s recommendation for the correct arrow spine based on the peak weight of this bow.


For example, if your bow is set at 40 lbs. do not shoot an arrow weighing less than 200 grains. Shooting an arrow below five grains per pound of the bow’s draw weight can cause damage to your bow and may inflict serious injury to yourself and those around you. Damage caused by shooting an arrow that is too light will not be covered under warranty.

NEVER DRY-FIRE YOUR BOW. Dry-firing is when the bow string is drawn and released without an arrow nocked to the string. If you dry-fire your bow it may severely reduce the life expectancy of the bow and may cause immediate damage to the bow and may inflict serious injury to yourself and those around you.

NEVER shoot straight up or in any other direction that may endanger people or other objects.

NEVER point or aim a drawn bow at another person.
NEVER draw the bow beyond its maximum draw length.

NEVER run to the target immediately after your shot

NEVER expose any bow to extreme heat or prolonged damp conditions, or damage to the bow may result.


Make sure that there are no people, livestock, buildings, roads or other objects behind or near your target. Be sure that your backstop is large enough to catch a stray arrow and that it is thick enough that the arrow cannot completely penetrate through it. When shooting with others, never retrieve arrows or allow others to retrieve arrows until all arrows have been shot and the shooting lane is clear.

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