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This bow packs a punch. With a draw weight of up to 40lbs, this bow meets the requirements for whitetail hunting in most states. A versatile bow, with the ability to install many accessories, or to shoot instinctively.

Up to 65% let-off for easier holding as you dial in on your shot. This cam also performs “snap-shooting” exceptionally well, making it a great candidate for various forms of instinctive shooting, like bow-fishing!

Available in right or left hand draw as a stand-alone bow or as a kit. Kit includes rest, sight, quiver and 4 carbon arrows.

The Bow They Won't Outgrow

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Axle-to-Axle Length
35 1/2"
Brace Height
7 5/8″
Adjustable Draw Weight
25-40 lbs
Draw Length Range
21-30 inches
Mass Weight
3.4 lbs

Progressive Let-off Cam


Make It Your Own

Take pride in a bow design of your very own. It will motivate you to get out and shoot more often, helping you to become the archer you have always aspired to be.


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14 Reviews for “Gen-X

This is a high quality bow not a child’s toy and quite capable of humanely taking a whitetail deer.
Perfect training bow for teens, women and men.
Got shoulder problems, heart surgery, weak muscles
This is your bow smooth shooting, easy drawing, Mathews single cam accurate. Made in the USA.
Worth the money. It’s the real deal.

This is a great bow. I actually had a custom one built for my daughter and she decided to go a different direction. I now have it setup for bowfishing and it’s great! The quality is amazing and the staff were great and quick to answer any questions I had. The best thing is I can swap it over to hunt with once the hunting season starts. This is truly a nice bow.

I don’t personally own one of these bows but my kids shoot them in 4H shooting sports, we shoot the mini, and the genesis. They share the bows, and because each child isn’t the same, they are so easy to adjust to fit, that it makes it fun for the kids, and isn’t that what it’s all about. I recommend these bows for anyone who wants to get their kids started in archery.

I’m absolutely impressed with Genesis. I ordered this bow 2 days ago for my son for Christmas. With the way everyone else seems to be I expected it to arrive sometime after Christmas, so probably another 7-10 days. I got it today, and it is exactly as advertised. Genesis really went the extra mile to make sure Christmas was perfect and I’m truly thankful to them.

A purchase you will not regret

Honestly, I have no complaints. I love the versatility of this bow. Straightforward design allows the owner to do whatever maintenance is necessary, with some help from videos put out by Genesis.

If however you choose to purchase the kit along with your bow, keep in mind the Gold bow Case will not fit your setup. It says it right in the description and they are not kidding. (Yes I made the mistake, lesson learned)

Overall no buyers remorse over the bow at all.

Bow Fishing Rigs

This is an amazing product for the price. We ordered 6 Bow fishing rigs for our organization’s introductory bow fishing clinic. The event was a huge success thanks to Genesis.

Great bow for shoulder rehab

Got this bow to help rehab shoulder after shoulder surgery. Works great as I can up the poundage gradually while building up shoulder until I can handle a larger recurve.

Early/mid 2000s Genisis

Have had my Genisis bow for close to 20 years, thousands of shots fired through it when I was a kid, life got in the way and didn’t shoot for years, picked it up from mom and dad’s this last Christmas, and brought it out with my neighbor and his kid, bow did phenomenally, real quality bow, dad’s happy his money was well spent

Love my GenX bow. The website says there are accessories but doesn’t show what they are.

Hi, Scott. We’re excited to hear you’re enjoying your Gen-X bow! The riser on your bow is drilled and tapped to accommodate standard accessories such as a sight, rest, wrist strap, stabilizer, etc. Please consult your local archery retailer for assistance in choosing the accessories best suited to your shooting style.

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