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The original Genesis®, the official bow of NASP®, has been utilized to establish more archers across the world than any other bow model in history. This is largely due to its simplicity, durability, universal draw length, and “zero let-off” design. These innovations eliminate most of the major barriers for anyone to enter into the sweet sport of archery. Available in right or left hand draw as a stand-alone bow or as a kit. Kit includes tube quiver, arm guard and 5 XX75 arrows*.

*Please note, kit arrows will be identical but are random colors and may not match bow color.

The Bow They Won't Outgrow

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35 1/2"
Brace Height
7 5/8"
Adjustable Draw Weight
10-20 lbs
Draw Length Range
15-30 inches
Mass Weight
3.5 lbs

A Unique Cam Design Zero let-off & Universal Draw Length


Make It Your Own

To become a great archer, you have to practice a lot. Putting your own creative efforts into designing a bow is a great way to show your personality and kick-start your archery journey with some gusto! Design a bow that represents YOU with our Bow Builder tool, it’s a lot of fun.


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9 Reviews for “Genesis®

Thank You

Genesis customer service is very responsive! Leaving a comment concerning an error on an order, caused an immediate response and corrective actions. Very pleasant staff.
Very satisfied

The perfect bow

This bow is amazing I love it shoots completely straight and it is overall perfect

Very happy

Purchased a custom colored Genesis for my daughter to start shooting in her schools archery club. Bow and kit arrived in just 3 days to my door, just in time for her first practice today.. finish was excellent and bow feels solid. Only issue is the knock stop started moving. A little bow string fixed that right up.. My daughter is so excited to shoot her bow and I’m excited to spend this time together with her..

Perfect now for all abilities.

I own three Genesis bows: green, black and yellow. I keep one at my cousin’s place so I can ride my motorcycle there to shoot. The yellow bow, I backed down so my wife can enjoy archery and the green one I use at the local range.

Quick on customs and quick on shipping

Ordered a custom Genesis on Friday and received it via FedEx on Monday. Beyond excited to have my daughter open this on Christmas day. Thank you!

Perfect now for all abilities.

I’m a target shooter with no interest in hunting. I bought a nice recurve and do well with it but I tried a Genesis at the bow shop and that was it! I left the store with three bows, one each for my two grandkids and I got the Gen-X for me. The simplicity, feel and quality at a great price- nothing beats it

NASP archery instructor & Royal Ranger Commander

Love these bows as a recreational bow. Young and old can shoot without difficulty.


I use this bow for my school team and I love it! the texture is very nice and the string is easy to pull back.

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