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Featured Coach – Dan Mahoney

Dan Mahoney_Featured Coach


Affiliation – Who is he affiliated with?


Team – What team does he coach?
Coach Mahoney coaches the archery program at Severn School in Severna Park, MD, and has coached it since its inception in the 2012-2013 school year.


Tenure – How long has he held this position?
Ten years.


Background – What is his archery background?
He has been coaching archery at Severn School since 2009. Before beginning the NASP program, he had no prior experience with archery except for Summer Camp exposure and friends who were into archery.


Values – How has he influenced the core values and missions of the team?
Coach Mahoney has constantly stressed good sportsmanship and perseverance to all team members. Though it has grown tremendously over the years, most of the students are new to archery, but they see themselves grow and advance as the years go on.


Contribution – What contributions has he made to the archery community?
Dan has grown our program tremendously and now hosts several tournaments at our school. He hosts the Admirals Cup and the Reindeer Games, among other tournaments. The Admirals Cup tournament had hundreds of participants pulling from neighboring states, and he even drove with a team to Maryland from New York to participate! He hosts archery practice during lunch time at the middle school and high school level, and has also started teaching archery to our lower school students. Many of the 5th graders have started getting tournament experience now, too.


Challenges – As a coach, how does he help archers overcome challenges?
He teaches them patience, gives them constant encouragement in a calm fashion, and give them tips. He always encourages them to be polite to each other and other archers at tournaments, not to get discouraged if they shoot poorly on any given day, and to enjoy this special sport!


Success – How does he define success to the team?
Success is defined as doing your best. Period.


Words – In three words, how would you describe him?
Dedicated, encouraging, and proud of his team.

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