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Featured Archer – Sophie Cordonnier



Affiliation – Who is the team affiliated with?


Involvement – How did she first become involved in archery?
When Sophie was 9 she got a Genesis bow for Christmas and would practice at school with her brother who was on the team.


Role – How would you describe archery’s role in her life?
Sophie thinks of archery as a fun break to escape to after a long day, and an activity she can enjoy with her friends.


Archery Lessons – What has archery taught her?
Archery has taught her dedication, perseverance, and good sportsmanship.


Stand Out – What made archery stand out against other sports?
What made archery stand out to her was the peaceful atmosphere and the individuality. She likes how she doesn’t have to rely on a team to participate in the sport.


Rituals – Are there any rituals she must complete before practice or a tournament?
Sophie likes to talk to her friends and teammates to make sure everyone is performing their best and if there is anything they can do as last minute improvements.


Role Models – Who has served as her archery role model?
Her brother was her biggest inspiration, he drove her to do her very best each time and to not give up if something goes downhill.


Accomplishment – What is one accomplishment she is most proud of?
The accomplishment she is most proud of is scoring a 280 in an archery tournament hosted by her school. The score set a new school record and gave her a first place in the middle school girls division.


Impact – How has archery impacted other aspects of her life? (Classroom performance, other sports, etc.)
Overall, archery has taught her to persevere and be a helping hand to others who may be struggling.

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