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Featured Archer – Sarah Scott

Sarah Scott, Featured Archer

Photo by: Jason Scott


Affiliation – Who is the team affiliated with?


Involvement – How did she first become involved in archery?
Sarah became interested in the NASP archery when her coach taught it in her gym class. When her brother made the decision to join the archery team, she decided she wanted to give it a try, also. So they both joined together in October of 2015.


Role – How would you describe archery’s role in her life?
Sarah practices almost five days a week with her elementary and the high school teams. She really enjoys the competition and she likes to help newer archers whenever she can. On several occasions, coaches from other teams have stated how helpful she was teaching their archers how to score at tournaments.


Archery Lessons – What has archery taught her?
Archery has taught her that through hard work and dedication, she can accomplish many of her personal goals as well as team goals.


Stand Out – What made archery stand out against other sports?
Sarah plays several other sports, but her true love is shooting archery. She likes that it is both an individual sport as well as a team sport.


Rituals – Are there any rituals she must complete before practice or a tournament?
When Sarah is shooting at a tournament, she is normally quiet and focused, but when the tournament is over she is found having fun with her teammates.


Role Models – Who has served as her archery role model?
Sarah has a great coach, Brant Yount, who is always willing to spend extra time with each of his archers. Sarah also looks up to her slightly older brother, Owen, who won the Ohio State NASP championship as a 5th grader.


Accomplishment – What is one accomplishment she is most proud of?
Sarah’s biggest accomplishment occurred when she won the first ever Ohio State NASP/IBO 3D championship, and then two weeks later won Ohio State NASP bull’s-eye championship where she had to compete in a shoot off with a high school senior to be female tournament runner up. She was able to win the shoot off to place her 2 of 779 female shooters. In these two tournaments she shot three perfect rounds and this was the first time she had accomplished that in an actual tournament.


Impact – How has archery impacted other aspects of her life? (Classroom performance, other sports, etc.)
Sarah has found that with hard work you can accomplish things, and Sarah works very hard on the range as well as with her studies. Sarah is an academic archer for her team and is and all A’s student.

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