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Featured Archer – Laurel McCurrie

Featured Archer - Laurel McCurrie

Affiliation – Who is she affiliated with?

Involvement – How did she first become involved in archery?
She got started at a summer camp, then entered the school program this year.

Archery’s Role – How would you describe archery’s role in her life?
She has taken to this like riding a bike, she competed in three tournaments and finished in the top four every time.

Lessons – What has archery taught her?
Good sportsmanship

Compared – What made archery stand out against other sports?
It wasn’t connected to others performance, other than the total team.

Rituals – Are there any rituals she must complete before practice or a tournament?
Practice. Practice. Practice.

Role Model – Who has served as her archery role model?
I believe that the coach Mrs. Lee was what got her really inspired.

Accomplishment – What is one accomplishment she is most proud of?
The first was winning the Regional’s in Clarksville, AR and then competing at the state level in Hot Springs, AR and finishing 54th out of 229 shooters her first year.

Life Impact – How has archery impacted other aspects of her life?
I think it shows in her attitude in the class room and her friendships.

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