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Featured Archer – Ethan Brown

Ethan Brown Featured Archer

Photo by: Melissa Riscavage


Affiliation – Who is the team affiliated with?


Involvement – How did he first become involved in archery?
Ethan began shooting a few years ago under the inspiration of his grandfather and stepfather, who both foster and mentor him in the sport.


Role – How would you describe archery’s role in his life?
Archery has become Ethan’s primary love next to any other sport he has tried. He is an avid hunter of many facets and enjoys being in the woods with his family. He was even successful with the last turkey season using his bow to harvest a gobbler!


Archery Lessons – What has archery taught him?
Ethan has excelled in maturity and overall personal growth through the discipline of archery. He takes any opportunity he can to shoot at a target, whether it be at home, the county fair, the woods, or the latest school competition. Archery has taught him how to set goals and concentrate on achieving his goals each time he shoots.


Stand Out – What made archery stand out against other sports?
Ethan feels strongly that archery requires a higher amount of mental focus than any other sport.


Rituals – Are there any rituals he must complete before practice or a tournament?
Though Ethan doesn’t necessarily follow any rituals, per se, he does ensure a clear focus on every arrow shot while competing.


Role Models – Who has served as his archery role model?
Definitely Rio Wilde, multiple world champion from Team USA representing compound bows.


Accomplishment – What is one accomplishment he is most proud of?
Hands down, his greatest personal accomplishment thus far is qualifying for NASP Nationals with a 2nd place finish at States.


Impact – How has archery impacted other aspects of his life? (Classroom performance, other sports, etc.)
Archery has impacted Ethan’s self-control, focus, and dedication to a sport. It has not only shown him self-determination to excel in archery, but also in his schoolwork.

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