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Featured Archer – Daniel Jackson

Featured Archer - Daniel Jackson


Affiliation – Who is the team affiliated with?


Involvement – How did he/she first become involved in archery?
He was introduced archery at the age of 8 by his father in late 2011, when his father started using his PSE Thunderflight from his youth. In 2012 his father bought himself a Hoyt Katera and a Mission Menace for the rest of the family to use. After some thorough research, Daniel’s father taught him and the rest of the family archery. Daniel’s archery career started off with the use of a compound bow. In late 2012, his father was certified a BAI and eventually a BAIT. Initially, 2 Genesis bows were bought for the family. It was a smooth transition on the Genesis bow for Daniel as he already knew the basics from his experience with the compound bow. Daniel soon began serious practice with the Genesis bow. Because Daniel’s father was the country Co-ordinator for Zimbabwe, he introduced NASP® to the schools all around the country. Daniel’s school was one of the first to take on the Program in early 2013. He was soon placed in the school’s archery team. More schools all over the country started taking on the Program. Soon there we enough school teams to have monthly Inter-school tournaments. Daniel shot for his school team in the first ever Inter-school tournament in mid-2014. This tournament was also his first tournament, where his first score ever, which was a 262. By the end of 2014, he had made the Zimbabwean All-Stars team and competed in South Africa during the All-Star Africa Championship. He placed 14th overall, with The Zimbabwean All-Star Team taking home silver medals. The experience of this first International tournament was one he could never forget. Daniel has represented Zimbabwe for 5 years now and has made the All-Stars team once again and will be competing later this year, as apart of the Zimbabwean All-Stars, in the All-Star Africa Championship to be hosted in South Africa and in the All Nation, All-Star Tournament being held in Canada.


Archery Life – How would you describe archery’s role in his/her life?
Archery has been a metaphorical vehicle for Daniel to drive stress, anxiety and worries out of his life. Whenever is feeling down he always takes out his bow and practices, even during the late evenings or very early mornings on occasion. Daniel also uses archery as a form of entertainment.
He enjoys the competition, the International touring and the overall excitement of the sport. Instead of spending his time being antisocial on a device, he often chooses to do archery. Being the son of the Zimbabwe country co-ordinator, archery has literally been his life since the age of 8. He enjoys teaching his friends archery and often assists his father when he has lessons too. The thought he has a bow at home waiting for him helps him get through the most stressful and tedious of days.


Archery Lessons – What has archery taught him/her?
Self discipline – Daniel has learnt to maintain the discipline to get out there and practice his archery.

Self control – He has learnt the ability to stop and aim and not just shoot at the first sight of sight-picture. He also knows when to stop practicing as his form starts to fade due to fatigue.

Patience – Daniel has learnt to be patient and hold his bow on his aiming point, instead of just a general area, before executing the shot. He has also learnt patience during the time he spends in the safety area in between flights of arrows.

Friendship – He has made many friends through archery and claims that his shooting partner is not his competition, but a fellow archer. He looks at all of his lane partners in a more of a friendly way as he knows that him and his partner have a common interest and a common talent, being archery.

Teamwork – As much as archery is an individual sport, Daniel recognizes that the individuals make up a team. Daniel likes helping his teammates out, often giving them tips or pointers.

Composure – After shooting a bad arrow, Daniel has learnt to let the thought of that bad arrow go and to focus on the next arrow and to remain composed.

Pressure management – When under pressure, Daniel knows that he has to breath, stay calm, relax and focus on each individual arrow.


Stand Out – What made archery stand out against other sports?
The quiet and peacefulness of the sport. He like the fact that the sport is so peaceful, calm and quiet compared to other sports like football for example. Daniel loves the fact that you have to be stronger mentally than physically. No matter how strong, fast or strategic you are, you will not be able to shoot if your mental state and emotions are not kept “In Check”. Daniel admires how people of all races, all shapes and size, all ages and all abilities can stand on the same shooting and shoot, with the “common denominator” being archery. Daniel does not possess much athletic ability, but archery has given him so much more than just the basic athletic skills. This also goes for many other individuals. In archery, you will find the elite sportsmen in the same team, shooting along side the scholastic, less athletically skilled students.


Rituals – Are there any rituals he/she must complete before practice or a tournament?
He does deep, coherent breathing in a quiet place while double checking his equipment before stepping on to the range. He looks out for his arrow rest, the condition of his nocks and fletches of his arrows as well as his bowstrings and cables. During his practice rounds at both 10 and 15 meter distances, he shoots one arrow off, nocks his next arrow, sets up to full draw and aims at his aiming point and lets the string down without making the shot. He shoots the 2nd arrow and does the same letting down process for the remaining arrows.


Role Models – Who has served as his/her archery role model?
Mike Schlosser is Daniel’s archery role model. Daniel is always amazed at how composed he is as he shoots, how he doesn’t let the pressure get to him and how he maintains his “solid” shooting form in high pressure, high intensity situations. He is inspired by the way Mike always smiles and has positive body language even if the Ends aren’t in his favour. Daniel hopes to someday also don the nickname “Mr. Perfect”. He feels that he must first shoot a perfect 300 in competition in order to earn this nickname.


Accomplishment – What is one accomplishment he/she is most proud of?
Being the first archer to score above 290 in Zimbabwe. He scored a 292 in competition in late 2014 at the age of 12. This score beat the previous Zimbabwean record score of 285, also set by him. Both of these records were set after his return from the 2014 All-Star Africa Championship.

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