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Featured Archer – Coach Leck

Featured Archer - Coach Leck

Affiliation – Who is he affiliated with?

Team – What team does he coach?
Coach Leck is a science teacher at Rocky Hill Middle School in Clarksburg, MD where he volunteers his personal time to teach/coach archery.

Tenure – How long has he held this position?
He has been teaching and coaching for over 5 years.

Background – What is his archery background?
He has competed in archery tournaments for many years and is involved with the NASP® program as well.

Values – How has he influenced the core values and missions of the team?
Coach Leck treats archers of all skill levels equally. He instills discipline, team work and a sense of belonging for everyone.

Contribution – What contributions has he made to the archery community?
Coach Leck trains and mentors new archery coaches. He is the only coach in Montgomery County and has been working hard to get archery to more schools in the area.

Challenges – As a coach, how does he help archers overcome challenges?
Coach makes time after school and even on days off to offer one-on-one archery help to his students. He also opens his classroom before and after school and at lunch time for anyone who needs to talk, including parents.

Success – How does he define success to the team?
Smiles. If you are having a good time that means more to him than simply winning. He encourages the children who would get the most out of the experience to put in the hard work – as a result, his team has won back to back state titles.

Words – In three words, how would you describe him?
Caring, compassionate, honest

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