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5 Ways Archery Can Improve Your Life

When someone says “archery” you might envision the Olympics, Dude Perfect trick shots, or Robin Hood in his awesome green tights. You might even wonder if it’s relevant to you at all or how it could possibly add value to your everyday life. Well, it turns out that archery is actually a very wholesome activity, great for your overall health and mental resilience.

1. Archery Builds Your Strength

Archery requires solid, core strength plus upper body stamina in order to steady a bow at draw while you settle in on your target. Get this, in a typical tournament, the average total weight a female archer will pull is 5.3 TONS! For a stark comparison, even an incredibly strong weightlifter might only lift a total of about 1.5 tons during a competition.

2. Archery Will Improve Your Balance and Control

Arm, shoulder, and chest muscles shouldn’t get all of the credit. Your brain has plenty of “heavy lifting” to do as well, in order to keep your body parts in-sync and balanced throughout your shooting process.

3. Archery Will Improve Your Mental Toughness

With practice, archers learn to develop focus, patience, and confidence. When an archer makes a bad shot, they need to set emotions aside. Instead of attaching self-worth directly to performance, a good archer practices staying cool while analyzing each shot, in order to make adjustments.

4. Archery Can Help You Make Connections

Pretty much every age group is able to participate in archery and it is widely enjoyed by both disabled and able-bodied people. Because of this, you may find yourself shooting next to a 50 year old on one side, and a 15 year old on the other. Even so, there’s no telling who will be the better shot.

5. Archery Helps You to “Un-Plug” and “Un-Wind”

Are you experiencing stress or anxiety in your life? Spending too much time on your cell phone might be partially responsible. Well, it’s pretty challenging to be on your phone while flinging arrows with your bow! This is a big reason why archery is a great tool for relaxation and engaging with the people around you.

If archery is available to virtually everyone, and has the ability to improve your overall health and relationships… What are you waiting for? Grab those green tights and let’s start on a new adventure!

-Brandon Schultze, Genesis Archery Team Member

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